A FutureLab promotes young people in all respects!

Inspired by neuroscience and cognitive psychology, FutureLabs are also laboratories for brain-based and holistic learning.

In this way, FutureLabs respond to the education crisis with its basic backlogs, teacher shortages and the declining performance of the school system.

Indoors and outdoors

The FutureLab students learn about the advantages of working and learning outdoors and find their own places to work. They take a variety of techniques with them into their home.


In a brain-friendly way - in movement, with gestures, following inner images - the pupils invent ever new exercises for the break in the basics of mathematics, vocabulary or grammar.

Complex understanding

Our world and its problems are complex - understanding them is promoted by FutureLabs with insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology - playfully, pictorially, actively.

This is how school motivates and brings professional success.

Learning to plan

From the very beginning, FutureLab students plan their working days themselves - they use Scrum and DesignThinking techniques to be able to work effectively and successfully.

Such skills help them considerably in their private lives and in their future.

Meditation and Compassion

Stress resilience and concentration needs regular mindfulness exercises, meditations and compassion training.

With excellent experts such as Prof. Dr. Anne Böckler-Raettig and Dr. Boris Bornemann, FutureLab teachers and students are guided and their development is accompanied.

Encourage Creativity

Being creative is not just something you do in art class - young people have to reinvent their world. We promote this specifically with researchers and artists in the FutureLab.

Scientifically accompanied, we test the progress made in the FutureLab year.

Concepts like DesignThinking also enrich the young people's tools of the trade.

Our Partners


Shaping the world and school!

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