How did the FutureLabs come out?

Out of the concern about the global crises and the helplessness of the young generation, the Bavarian Parents' Association has developed the concept of actively involving pupils in the urgently needed transformation of their world in their daily school life - self-efficacy versus powerlessness, future skills versus rigid curricula.

Already in the pilot phase, we are cooperating with several chairs of the University of Würzburg. The Federal Parents' Council supports the initiative, as do the German Lions, the German UNESCO, Greenpeace Education and many others.

We are working with international climate researchers, such as the Global System Institute or the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, to disseminate the initiative in Europe and Africa and to create best-practice examples to create 'positive tipping points' to slow down climate change after all.



  • 2022-2023



  • 2023-2024



  • ab 2024



Our Team

Oliver Kunkel


Chairman Wir-gestalten-Heimat e.V. Shareholder KlimaWendeHaus Board member Bavarian Parents' Association

Henrike Paede

Deputy Chairperson                    Bavarian Parents' Association

Anika-Susan May-Leske

Deputy Chairperson                    German Parents' Council

Dr. Bernd Bullnheimer


KlimaWendeHaus gGmbH

Prof.Dr. Anne Böckler-Raettig

Social Cognition                  Psychological Institute            University of Würzburg

Dr. Barbara Händel

Neurobiologist and Creativity Researcher University of Würzburg

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